Planning Ahead to Survive the Holidays

Hi folks:

The holidays will be here before you know it. Thanksgiving is followed very quickly by Christmas. How do the newly-single make it through? Although the focus of this website is usually practical in nature, here is a slight twist on that practicality for you, in the form of making it through the upcoming family-oriented stuff.

First, keep your focus on the point of the holidays: being thankful and celebrating the birth of our Savior. How do you do that? Get involved in something a whole lot bigger than yourself. Do you have any programs at church that will take up a lot of time, will be fun, and will be a blessing to others? Do them.

Yes, I know you are busy. Perhaps you are just making it a day at a time, but “stay local” for a minute. What are you going to do every evening if you don’t do this program? Stay at home and watch endless reruns of HGTV? Yes, I love the shows as much as anyone but do you really need to watch the same couple repeatedly agonize over hardwood versus laminate? A tile back splash in gray versus black? White kitchen cabinets versus brown?

Tarek and Christine’s have post-divorce arguments over the smallest of things. Although I really love the show, the early divorce (aka “Breaking up is Hard to Do”) reruns are the hardest Flip or Flop episodes to watch. And as much as I adore Chip and Joanna, their decorating style is not my taste.

(Now, as far as Hilary Farr and David the real estate guy go, those shows are move-in ready and right in line with my idea of decorating, but there are only so many times the couples can say “Love It” as we watch David get crushed and defeated yet again.)

So what can you do? Audition for a part in a program, if you are so inclined. Offer to paint the sets, fix the food that keeps everyone happy, or volunteer to sew costumes as part of an on-site team. The point here is to get involved. Don’t sit at home and mope about how you are alone and nobody cares. Meet new friends and have some fun. Go for it!


Dr. Sheri

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