Old Home Week: Memories of an Old Story

Hi everyone:

I was reminded the other day of a story I read in college. It was told from the perspective of a husband who no longer wanted his wife. It seems the fellow had found someone new, someone who excited him, someone who was considerably younger than the wife he had worn out.

He really did care for his longtime wife, as much as was possible. I mean, he wanted no harm to come to her. He simply wanted to move on to a much younger model.

He decided that the kindest thing he could do was to mistreat his wife so that, when his news of their divorce was openly shared, she would be glad to get rid of him. She would shed no tears; that was his plan.

So he set to work. What could he do? Oh, that was easy to come up with. He began to hit her verbally in every area of life that was important to her self respect. He destroyed any vestige of her self esteem. And his plan worked. He watched closely and carefully as the light of love dimmed and finally went out of her eyes. He rejoiced at his success.

The only problem with this story is that I can’t remember what happened next! Can anyone tell me how the story concluded? Also, do you know the name of the story? I’m just curious.


Dr. Sheri

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