All Things Work Together

Hello everyone:

I was thinking this morning that “all things work together for good,” but my treadmill was not participating in that, the last time I visited Florida (which was just this past weekend!).

It seems that the little fellow felt overworked a couple of months ago and he gave up the ghost at 9.5 miles out of what I had hoped would be a ten-mile run. Since the model was sold to my brother in 2002, it’s a good bet that it can’t be repaired.

Before I had the knowledge of its advanced age, though, I did try a few things. First, I checked the circuit breaker, to see if it had been tripped. The machine just stopped dead in my tracks, without any warning. Nope, the circuit breaker was fine.

Then I flipped the drop strip that I have my computer plugged in to. Nope, it was fine. I checked the wall outlet. Again, everything was hunky dory, peachy keen, no problemo.

Those are the steps I would take to try and figure out why something stopped, and I would do (and did do) before calling a repair person. When you have an appliance break down, these are steps you can take, but keep in mind that you need to make sure that you have rubber-soled shoes on your feet and that you aren’t standing in water as you try these quick-fix remedies.

Time for a true confession: One time, rather long ago, I decided to vacuum a wet carpet. Not my best move, as you might imagine. I was also barefoot. Again, not the wisest thing I have ever done. I felt this tingly feeling but still did not put two and two together in any meaningful way. And then it hit me. You might say, it hit me like a lightening bolt (or a shock from the outlet): the tingly feeling was my being shocked. Never a good thing and no, you will not stay young longer if you are electrocuted. You won’t stay around, period. The good news is that I wised up really, really fast.


Dr. Sheri

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