Spider Legs and Burglar Alarms

Hi folks:

What do spider legs and burglar alarms have in common? Not much, unless they awaken you at 2:30 am.

This is what happened to me recently. I have installed a nifty little gadget that tells me via my cellphone if anyone is trying to visit me without an invitation. It gives a cool little smarmy tone when that is happening.

Usually I welcome the advanced notice, except when I am in a deep sleep. Then I sit bolt upright and hope that it is deer instead of danger lurking in my yard.

I am usually the recipient of nocturnal visits from Bambi and friends, but not so that night. Nope, I couldn’t tell who or what was there.

I got instant freeze-dried feet and a pounding in my chest…. And, then, I saw it. (Or, actually, them). The legs of a huge spider climbing all over the camera in my alarm. Relief was quickly followed by “oh, gross!!!”

The good news is that the offending critter was outside. The bad news was that I would be going outside later that morning. I had no desire to find the ginormous bug dropping into my hair (my mother had a chameleon drop into her hair, once when I was a child, but I digress). (Second digression: please note that my mother was inside our house at the time.)

I did get back to sleep a while later, happy that it was a spider and not a mad, bad, escaped criminal who wished me ill, but the thought still remains: Where did he (or she) go?


Dr. Sheri

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