A Love Story for the Ages

Hello everyone:

Please visit a love story with me for a few moments. He was a catch- 6’2″ tall, black hair, and bright blue eyes. She was on the Homecoming court at Akron U. Gorgeous, with light brown hair and root beer eyes!

They met on a blind date, after her sister and her boyfriend set them up when the gal’s boyfriend broke up with her so that he wouldn’t have to take her out to dinner and buy her a gift. I’m glad the former boyfriend was a cheapskate for reasons that will become obvious very soon.

So they were introduced. They talked all evening. She found out later that, when he got home, he called all the girls he was dating and told them he couldn’t see them anymore. He had one girl he liked to take dancing because she was a good dancer, another he liked to take bowling because she always had a great game, and another the liked to take to movies because she was fun to hold hands with in the dark.

He told them all the same thing: “I can’t see you any more because I’ve just met the woman I’m going to marry.” Three days later, he brought over an engagement ring and his proposal was accepted. They got married seven months later.

Four children, six grandchildren, six great grandchildren, and sixty-seven years later, they were still wildly in love. After a brief illness, she died. He was devastated. I know this special love story well because it is the story of my parents.

Do my widows or widowers have any special tales they would like to tell? I would love to hear from you.


Dr. Sheri

P.S. This picture is not of my parents; it is a sock picture from unsplash, but aren’t they a cute couple?

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