Overripe Bananas Make the Best Banana Bread

Hello everyone:

I told a friend I was going out for lunch with a friend yesterday and her eyes got wide as she said, “With a fella?” I was horrified. “Nope,” I told her, “a long-time female friend.”

I got to thinking about it. This gal has been suddenly single for a while. Perhaps she is thinking that it might be time for her to find a new man for her life and move on. Good for her! Bad for me.

Then I thought about things a bit more. Sometimes women feel like they are “put out to pasture” or simply too old for the dating scene.

Maybe you are “over the hill and partway down the other side” but, if you think that you’d like to jump back into things, go for it. There is a certain caveat: even old men like younger women. If you are, say, mid to late sixties yourself, you may find that the only men who are interested in you are in their eighties or nineties. I’m not trying to discourage you, but you should look at this with your eyes open.

For the gentlemen: Keep in mind that the best bananas to use in banana bread are the ones with freckles (aka: age spots). Don’t discount the value of a woman just because she may have a few miles on her. The cute young thing that you might think makes you look younger just makes you look like her father. Or grandfather.

What do you think? Go for it or forget it?


Dr. Sheri

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