June Allyson Bangs in the Midst of a Farrah Fawcett World

Hi everyone:

Do you remember the gorgeous Farrah Fawcett, who went by Farrah Fawcett-Majors when she was married to that hunk, Lee Majors, aka the Six Million Dollar Man? How about June Allyson, who had very short bangs and spent the bulk of her time in later years pitching Depends (for her mother, of course!)? (June was 88 when she died, and I bet they were for her, but I digress.)

Well, both of the ladies had bangs, though I would argue that Farrah wore them better. Shoot, Farrah wore everything better, even when she wasn’t wearing much. But I digress again. What does this have to do with being suddenly single or unexpectedly unmarried? Quite a bit, actually.

When you are sitting in church or at a play or in the movie theater and everyone is with his or her significant other and you aren’t, you may feel like you didn’t get the memo on the current trends in hair or dress.

You know, you are sitting there with your June Allyson bangs, round collared white shirt, and poodle skirt, and here comes Farrah in the latest style of totally cool on the arm of Ryan O’Neal or Lee Majors in their respective heydays. And you are anything but cool. My word, you aren’t even slightly chilly.

What do you do? Hang in there. The saying “This, too, shall pass” might seem trite, but it will. Now this doesn’t mean that Lee or Ryan is going to come your way anytime soon, but it does mean that you can be comfortable in who you are right now. (I’ve got news: Time has not been particularly kind to either man, so take heart!)

Be who you are right now. Work on whatever needs adjustment and find a new hairdresser, if the current one cuts your bangs like June’s cut hers (was that ever cool???) You are somebody special. And you are going to make it!


Dr. Sheri

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