Making it Through Valentine’s Day alone

Hello everyone:

I hope you had a nice day-after-my-grandmother’s-birthday. I realize that is kinda wordy, so we can call it what it was: Valentine’s Day.

Yesterday, and in the days leading up to yesterday, you couldn’t walk into a grocery store without being bombarded with beautiful flowers, aisles full of chocolate candy in heart-shaped boxes, and rows of red greeting cards. Some gas stations even got in on the deal, offering single red roses to those individuals unfortunate enough to have somehow forgotten the day. Radio stations urged listeners to buy Sherry’s Berries or something sexy in the lingerie department. All were offered gift-wrapped for free.

But what if you weren’t celebrating this formerly wonderful day, whatever the reason? Maybe your significant other passed away since last Valentine’s Day (800,000 people did). Perhaps your significant other passed on to greener fields (813,000 did, according to the U.S. Census Bureau).

Here are my suggestions for getting through whatever celebration you are no longer involved in: When entering a grocery store, keep your eyes focused on the fruit and vegetables that are just past all those lovely blossoms. Walk rapidly and do not stop, unless you are in danger of running over someone. Apply this advice to all departments of the store where celebratory items are displayed. You can do this, people. Stay out of the mall, if possible, where vendors have set up kiosks guaranteed to block your way.

A word of warning: Do not try to replicate the dinners you used to eat. I loved going to our local Italian restaurant in years past and always got Mom’s Lasagna. This year, I bought a frozen dinner and microwaved it. It was horrid! Stay out of restaurants or go very early. Otherwise, you will be surrounded by couples while you are a single.

One of my suddenly single friends told me she was celebrating the day by calling all of her single friends and telling them she loved them. Talk about getting the focus off yourself! What a great idea!

Do you have any suggestions for how to cope with the day? I would love to have you share!


Dr. Sheri

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