What Do You Do When the World Is Closing in On You?

Hello everyone:

You know the drill. Your world is going bad and, all of a sudden, it gets worse. A whole lot worse.

You had a reasonably normal life for the longest time but, suddenly, nothing is business as usual. The new normal is weird. Maybe you have had one disaster after another, and the poop is piling up pretty fast. What do you do?

Look at what you still have. Your health? A good job you love? Friends who love you? Friends, it may seem like you are Job from the Old Testament, but be encouraged. If you are depressed and it feels like your world is closing in on you, turn to your relationship with the Lord.

Look at the cheerful side of things. If you have a lovely home to live in, thank the Lord. If you are still healthy, thank Him for being gracious. If you have food to eat, thank God for taking care of you. If you have clothes to wear, thank Him for that, as well. If you have friends and family that love you, rejoice twice as much.

Don’t have a pity party. (Avoid those like the plague- they always serve refreshments at the pity parties I have attended in the past and that adds unneeded calories!)

I understand- you aren’t married any more. Your spouse died or decided he or she didn’t want you. The world is set up for couples and you are a single. It doesn’t seem like you fit in. Got it! In some ways, you don’t fit into the “square peg in a square hole” pigeonhole anymore. So find a new one.

This may be the first time in a long time where you could just up and go somewhere you want to go. So do it. Do you feel like taking a walk? There’s no one to say “no.” Feel like going to a movie or watching endless episodes of Flip or Flop? Do it, my friend! You have the whole world in front of you, so embrace it, don’t run!

What do you do when you’re feeling down? I would love to hear your ideas so that they can be shared with my readers.


Dr. Sheri

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