Organizing to Move: Part Seven

Hello everyone:

I recently moved, my 24th time. Since I am presently renting a temporary home, I realized that completely unpacking would be a task that I would be repeating again in about 12 months. It is not a job I look forward to.

What to do? I made the decision to unpack what I needed to make my house a home. To me, that meant family pictures, dishes, decorative items that I love, and enough linens and things to get me through the months ahead.

Everything else, I am keeping in my storage area in an unused bedroom. That way, my things are nearby if I want them but out of the way if I don’t need them immediately. Remember how I write what is in a box on the side of it? That way, if I have a special need for something, I can locate it pretty easily by looking at my stored items in the extra bedroom. No, it isn’t very pretty, but I keep that door shut. (Don’t ask me to open that door. Someone could get hurt!)

How about you, temporary dwellers? Do you have a special tip to share with everyone? I would love to hear from you.


Dr. Sheri

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