Valentine’s Day for couples

Hello everyone:

I went to a meeting recently and it was announced that the class’s Valentine’s Day party was a “couples only” event. Boy, there’s nothing like that kind of pronouncement to guarantee sadness in the heart and mind of someone who is suddenly single!

The announcer then retracted her statement, saying, “Oh, we meant “adults only” not “couples only.” If you aren’t a couple, you are still welcome to come.” Yeah, lady, right on.

If you are an unexpectedly unmarried individual, would you go? Would you go alone? How would you handle this weird invitation to an evening spent looking at couples talk to one another? I was in this situation once many years ago when my spouse chose not to take me to a Christmas party put on by our church. I spent the evening watching couples who hadn’t seen one another all day chat all the way through dinner, while I sat there like a third thumb.

If you have a wonderful idea for navigating the waters of singleness at Valentine’s Day, please share it, whether from the standpoint of someone who is single-again or someone who knows folks that are. Thanks!


Dr. Sheri

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