Organizing to move: Part Six

Hello everyone:

Here are some more tips from someone who has now moved 24 times. (Yes, it really has been that many times!)

If you have a special pillow, take it with you in your car. I have a wonderful computer chair pillow that I dearly love. Where is it now, you might ask?  I would love to know, because it certainly isn’t under my backside as I type this. There are over 200 pieces of stuff that were professionally moved but I have no idea into which container the movers placed my beloved pillow. They will mark the room that they packed something in but they might not call the room what you call the room. Since I started my new job today, there hasn’t been enough time to unpack more than say, 25 boxes….that means that somewhere in a box not so very far away, there is a wonderful pillow that I am not using.

Be careful with what the movers move. If you say “move everything in this room,” it can mean everything in the room, including trash. In my move from New Jersey to Connecticut about 30 years ago, I had a couple bags of trash that I was getting ready to put out at the curb.  When they disappeared between my trips into that room, I assumed that my hubby had taken out the trash. Nope. The movers packed it and, believe me, when we opened the boxes those trash bags were in about a week later, they were quite malodorous. Those particular movers also moved a log that was in the fireplace. They must have been paid by the box because that little ol’ log had a box of its own. A big box.

Be sure to look behind the door when you leave the house for the last time. The movers use protective coverings over the doorway and they keep the door open the whole time they are packing and moving things out. One of my favorite pictures got left behind just because it was behind the door and I didn’t see it when I left. Don’t put anything but trash in a trash bag because, when I was leaving Florida, I put a treasured painting in a black trash bag to protect it from the rain and a friend carried it out to the curb. I didn’t discover it was missing until months later, when I figured otu what had happened.

I hope this helps guide your move. If you have any tips, please do share them.


Dr. Sheri

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