If you’re renting, watch the small print

Hello everyone:

A couple of gals I’ve never met had a problem. Apparently, they did not read the fine print of their lease. It said that they couldn’t have any pets. They got a couple of dogs. It might have seemed like a good idea, but it cost them their home.

You see, along with the fine print that said they couldn’t wear outside shoes in the house and that they couldn’t put more than two small nails in each wall, it also said “no pets.”

Maybe they didn’t take it seriously, but their landlord did.  Oops! [For the record, they also have to keep the driveway shovels when it snows. I don’t know if they did or not (it snowed 12 inches in that town this past weekend), but the pets deal was enough to do their lease in. ]

When you rent a place, make sure that you do read the fine print because, even if you don’t think the landlord will care, he or she might care a lot and you could end up out on the street. Like they did.


Dr. Sheri

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