Organizing to Move: Part Four

Hello again:

I’m getting ready for my 23rd move as an adult, so here’s some more hard-won advice on packing up.

Do you love books as much as I do? As an English and Communication dual major, books are my diamonds. (Hey, diamonds are fun, but they aren’t available at Barnes and Noble, at least as far as I know. They also aren’t in my budget!).

But (and this is a huge “but”) do you really need to keep the cookbooks that your ex collected but never used? Yes, friends, I confess to having books from a marriage that ended in 19whatever….I never used them, except by mistake, and he didn’t want them when he headed for greener pastures (I don’t mean to comment on his girlfriend here, but you know what hangs out in pastures…. but I digress).

The dust bunnies on those books have dust bunnies of their own…let’s toss them. Do you really want a book that contains recipes from folks who probably died of heart failure, based on the ingredients in the foods described therein? I didn’t think so.

If you have some books that it would break your heart to give up, keep them by all means. But how about the ones with mediocre story lines or outdated information? Give them away or donate them to someone somewhere. Just don’t take them with you. (I’m preaching to the choir here!)

Put the books in small boxes, so that you can lift them, especially if you’re a single gal who has to move herself. Mark on the boxes the types of books they contain (for my own situation, my office books need to go in – of all places- my office when I get to my new home. My reading-for-enjoyment books will go in my living or family room. You get the idea.)

Next up, getting your family photos organized for the move, especially if they’ve never been anywhere but stuck in a basket. In the meantime, get those books packed and do share any tips you have with us.


Dr. Sheri

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