Organizing to move: Part Two

Hello everyone:

So, how’s that closet looking? Time to move on to the other closets in your home, preferably ones that you don’t use too often. That way, you won’t miss what’s already been packed as you wait to move.

Do the same thing that you did with the first closet, removing everything and going through it to see what you don’t need, never use, and don’t want. You may think that you can wait until you get to your new place to go through things, but you probably know people right where you are who could use what you don’t want, so unload stuff before, not after, you move. I once knew someone who packed used Q-Tips. Really? That’s disgusting.

As you pack what you want to keep, make sure that you follow the following advice: Heavy things should be packed in small boxes and light things can go in bigger ones. We don’t want you to need hernia repair when you get where you’re going.

Moving out of the closets, let’s take a look at your bookshelves. (For folks who love books like I do, this constitutes meddling but it must be done.) What books do you have that you will never read again? Give them away.

(I am guilty of holding onto books I never read, as we complete this True Confession time today. I still have my ex-husband’s cookbooks that neither of us ever used. We have been divorced since…humm….how long has it been? …. Since 1980, I have held onto books that promote unhealthy eating. I never use them, they are filled with dust, and guess what I’m gong to get rid of very soon? Right!)

As you pack your books up to move, mark on the four sides of the box which room you want these books to go into in your new home. That way, they’ll start out in the right room, even if you don’t unpack them right away.

Okay, that’s it for today. Have a super packing party and stay tuned for Part Three.


Dr. Sheri

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