Should you decorate for Christmas when times are tough?

Hello everyone:

I meet folks every day who wonder what they should do about their first Christmas sans their spouse.  Should they get out the decorations when all they feel like doing is crawling in the nearest hole?

Let’s chat about it for a minute. Christmas is coming- you see it everywhere you look at the mall. Festive music is being blared from every speaker. Stores are vying for your attention (and your money) with the latest in decorations that scream “spend your money here.”

You can’t even escape it at the grocery store. The center of the store is filled with aisles of wrapping paper and expensive (but cheap) last-minute Christmas gifts. And that all happens around Halloween.

So what’s a newly Suddenly Single gal or guy to do? Here’s what I suggest (keep in mind that I was a decorator for 23 years and decorating is in my blood):

Get a few things out. Perhaps something that was special to you before you met your now-former significant other. What brings you happiness every time you see it? A snowman (or five or ten snowmen)? Your nativity set? A special basket or floral arrangement?

Enjoy the simplicity of those few things. Next year will be better as you adjust to the new normal in your life. But don’t hide under a barrel or jump into the nearest hole. You can make it through. Hang in there and enjoy the presence of a few things that bring you joy.

How have you handled your new life as a single when Christmastime came around? I would love to get your insight.


Dr. Sheri


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