When Your Best Isn’t Enough, It Might Not Be You

Hello everyone:

Let me tell you a story. There was (and still is!) this gal who was sharp, nice-looking, wealthy, and nice. Her hubby gave commands to “jump” and she always asked “how high?” She supported every career decision he made (note who made the decisions) and followed him around the country, always laying aside her own aspirations without complaint. None, zip, zilch, nada.

He found a younger woman and decided his wife was “old hat,” moving boatloads of their money off shore before his wife found out and put a stop to it. The guy is now dead (no, she didn’t kill him, though she might have liked to!) but, before he died, he had lost the respect of folks he knew who looked to him for spiritual guidance as well as business advice.

The other gal took good care of herself, always touching up her makeup before her hubby got home from work. Like the other gal, she worked out regularly, devoted herself to her husband’s well-being, while also having outside interests. She was well-read, to make herself more interesting to others. He found her “boring” once he spied a younger woman at work who thought he’d hung the moon.

Like the other gal, she had followed her decision-making hubby around the country, giving up her own thriving careers to support his. Like the other gal, her hubby found greener pastures to graze in.

What is the take-away? You can be a superb person and still have a wandering hubby. The guilty fellow will most likely blame you. My dear, you gave your best to this schmuck. Don’t let him (or anyone else) tell you that you didn’t deserve your husband. Dear friend, he didn’t deserve you. Keep your chin up! It wasn’t your fault!


Dr. Sheri


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