Moving Blues

Hello everyone:

I was talking with a dear friend last night, one whose wife is just getting ready to move their household to another state where my friend got a new job. They are concerned about moving blues, and I thought you might enjoy some thoughts on the matter. Since some of you will be moving out of your family home, there are some emotional issues that you will want to take into consideration.

First, it will take about six months for you to adjust emotionally to your new normal. Studies have shown that women especially have some trouble getting used to the new location. Perhaps you have lived many years in your old home and now circumstances are requiring that you move.

Please understand that you may have dark clouds over your emotional health for a while as you adjust. You aren’t going nuts; this is normal.

Next, don’t have a Pity Party, especially if you like to serve refreshments. This will add pounds and will make you feel even worse.

Try to get involved in a new church and/or a new job as quickly as you can. Finding new friends is vital to feeling better more quickly. Your hubby might have headed off to a new job in the past. He adjusted to the move faster than a stay-at-home wife would, simply because he had new folks to chat with. Isolation will murder your emotional state, so get involved fast, for your own health. There’s nothing worse than getting into that new home and realizing that you don’t have a local friend to call to hang out with.

You might find it helpful to call an old friend and share a cup of coffee with her via the phone. We do have new options that gals a few years back didn’t have. Long distance telephone charges are no longer an issue, so you might try this as a temporary solution. Do keep it temporary, though, because you need to get back on the horse that threw you as soon as possible and got out and meet new people.

Finally, just know that this, too, shall pass. You will meet new friends who will care. Yes, it’s hard but you can do this!


Dr. Sheri

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