The sunset of life might not turn out the way you planned

Hello everyone:

Sometimes I run into women who were taken by surprise when their marriages ended. Maybe those marriages ended quietly, with the love draining from their relationships like the soapy water in your kitchen sink. They didn’t see the bottom of the sinkhole that their marriage had become, but suddenly it was gone. The sink was empty and so was their marriage. Other times, things went out violently, with screaming and bad feelings obvious on both sides of the equation.

What are you going to do? The first thing you might want to consider is your budget. You don’t want to overspend your income. Things will not end well for you, if you do. I know some gals who simply charge everything, expecting that some how, some way, they will catch up eventually. That road is the way to financial ruin.

You might not like what you find out. Your style of living will probably suffer, but you can get on the road to financial stability. I recommend Financial Peace University, if you have a group nearby.

So, sit down and figure out all of your living expenses. Mortgage or rent, electricity, insurance, student loans (if you have them), food, car expenses, internet service provider services, hair appointments, clothing, medical care, credit card bills, and child care costs. Add in anything you can possibly think of. Then add in a bit more for whatever you forgot.

What is your income? Subtract your expenses from your income and see how much money you have left (or how much you need).

Do not panic. Do not set this aside and hope for better things. Face it, no matter how difficult. Visit your pastor and ask for help, if you need it.  Do not stick your head in the financial sand and pretend that this isn’t happening. It is and you can do something about it.

Take care,

Dr. Sheri

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