When autumn leaves fall

Hi everyone:

It’s that time of year, almost, when those of us who live in the north are gearing up to rake leaves. When I lived in Connecticut, with seventeen trees in my front yard alone, that was a pretty daunting task. It would literally rain down leaves. I could rake for four hours or more, go inside, look out the window, and be unable to see anything that I had accomplished.

Let’s get you ready, as a new divorcee or widow, to get your leaves taken care of. (If you leave them on the ground, they’ll destroy your lawn, so they do need to be picked up.)

First, find out what you should do with the leaves. Will the town pick them up if you rake them to the roadside? Are you expected to bag them up? Is there a limit to how many bags you can fill at a time? Call your City Hall to find out this information or ask a reliable neighbor.

Next, make sure you have a good pair of garden gloves. Do not buy these on the cheap. Cheap gloves make your hands sore and if your yard is big, you will end up with blisters that burst and bleed. It hurts and it looks horrid. This is the voice of experience- do not doubt me.

Next, wear comfortable clothing. You are not trying to pick up a husband while you’re doing this (that would be my guess, anyway). You know the song “Blest be the Tie that Binds?” Not in this case. Loose clothing that comfortably covers you is good. You are not going for “sexy mama” here.

Take water or some form of non-alcoholic liquid outside with you. Drink it frequently. Passing out due to dehydration should not be your goal.

Make sure you have a good rake- a plastic or flimsy one will break or be very ineffective at moving the leaves. You don’t need that frustration.

Finally, think positively. Remember what is was like to jump in the leaves that your parents had raked up? Aren’t the leaves lovely this time of year?  Have fun and enjoy doing this wonderful once-a-year activity that reminds you Christmas is on its way.


Dr. Sheri



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