Getting taken to the cleaners, big time

A young widow struggling with what to do after losing her husband suddenly.

Hi everyone:

You probably won’t believe what happened to a new friend of mine, but it is “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help her God.”

She was a new immigrant to America, having been widowed in her native land. She had six sons, all of whom were grown when she made the decision to come to the US. Once she arrived, she got a job and met a man. The man said he would marry her, if she lived with him for one year, so he could see if they were compatible. Big mistake #1.

Next, she was to turn over all of her paychecks to him, since he would manage their money. Big mistake #2.

Her employer, a very wealthy woman, wanted to help out her new employee, by giving her money to buy a car to come to work. She did use the money to buy a car, and put it in her husband’s name (he did marry her after one year), since she wasn’t a citizen. Big mistake #3. I wish I was finished, but I’m not and neither was she.

Her employer gifted her with money on a regular basis, to help out the adult children she had left behind. She signed it all over to her husband, who promised to send it to her kids. He didn’t. Big mistake #4.

He sent her home to visit her kids (her employer paid for them to both go but he cashed in his ticket). Big mistake #5.

While she was gone, he emptied out their house and sold all of her possessions. He also emptied their joint bank accounts, resulting in a net loss to her of 3/4 of a million dollars. Big mistake #6 (and maybe even 7 & 8).

He was abusive to her and she told no one because he said he would get her deported if she said anything. Big mistake #7.

He eventually walked out, taking up with another woman who helped him spend the money he’d stolen. A few years later, he had major health problems and guess who he turned to? Yep. This time, she didn’t take him back. Alleluia!

Feel free to share sob stories that you know about. I hope the gals didn’t go through the mistakes this woman did.

Oh, yes, there was one more mistake: he forced her to sign over the pension from his employer, that would have paid her about $1000.00 a month. The girlfriend got it.


Dr. Sheri

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