Let not your heart be troubled; things will work out in the end

HI everyone:

I know that it can be very discouraging to watch a parent go downhill. You are used to seeing Mom or Dad strong, healthy, and vibrant. Now you are becoming the parent. You wipe his or her mouth. Perhaps you have to tuck him or her into bed. It can be depressing.

Try to keep in mind that your folks took care of you when you were little. Now you are just returning all those years of devotion.  Try to hang in there. Talk to people you know who are going through the same thing. Misery may love company but it also loves support. Do you have folks in your community or at your church who have experienced this in their own lives?

I paid tribute in this blog to a gal last week whose husband was diagnosed with dementia many years ago. She took care of him with a smile on her face, even when the going got hard. You know, I think that made a huge difference in how she took his eventual demise.

If you need to find help, try to find someone who shares your values and your attitude towards this stage of life. That in itself will help take a troubling time and turn it into a time of blessing, though it may be a blessing in disguise.


Dr. Sheri

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