You’re no bunny till somebody…

Hello everyone:

I have a very special friend who I met briefly at a writer’s conference two years ago. We became friends on Facebook a little while later and I have watched with great interest her progress in the publishing world (she’s doing very well!). I praise the Lord for her success. She is s stunning and intelligent woman.

A few months ago, she shared on Facebook that her marriage was in trouble and that her husband wanted out. He wanted “space” which, loosely translated, means he had found someone else to fill it. Things on the marital front were challenging over the next few months. A week or so ago, her husband announced his impending wedding, which has since happened. There is only one problem: they aren’t divorced yet. Bigamy or a fake marriage, who can tell?

This blog is to let my special friend know that folks care about her. You may be in the same boat. Please know that, no matter how you feel right now or what your recalcitrant spouse says, you are somebody special. You have worth in the eyes of God, who loves and cares for you. And you are “some bunny….”


Dr. Sheri


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