Fireworks or a dud?

Hello everyone:

Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of what you want in life when something that looks really good pops up on your radar screen.

Maybe it’s a person that you are inexplicably attracted to or someone that you just seem to “click” with. The fireworks are going off and you think that he or she is the one for you. Caution is a good idea here.

I’ve had a few friends, all female, who found themselves divorced or otherwise just alone as they approached middle age. A good looking guy came into their lives and, the next thing we knew, they were married. One gal I know got married to a man she’d only known three weeks. It didn’t last.

Now, friends, my parents met on a blind date, got engaged in three days, married seven months later, and were wonderfully in love throughout their 67 year marriage. I know you can get swept off your feet and have it work out. But sometimes is doesn’t happen that way.

If you are tempted to fall hard and fast, please ask one of your closest friends to slap you upside the head. (Not really, I’m just kidding!) But please do consider any decisions you make very carefully before you take the leap.

Find a counselor whose advice you trust and talk things through. There’s that old saying “marry in haste, regret at leisure” and I’ve known gals who spent a lot of time doing the latter when they expected the former.


Dr. Sheri

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