Shopping carts and other weapons of mass destruction

Hello everyone:

Carts are usually stored either outside the store or just inside the store. Some stores place them both places. [As an interesting note, Bed, Bath, and Beyond (one of my favorite stores) puts their carts in both places AND puts them in several locations throughout the store. They have learned that people will buy more on impulse if they can find a cart easily. Because many of those I-can’t-live-without-this purchases take place as people browse, they make carts readily available for people who might not want to walk all the way back to the front of the store. That’s good marketing!]

Hugely important note: Gentlemen, you have a tendency to place your cart in the middle of the aisle as you shop. This forces others to wait while you peruse the grocery offerings. Waiting for you to decide what you want to buy is not fun. Maybe the others in the store are in a hurry (this is my perpetual condition).

Maybe you think that jamming up the aisle is a good way to pick up chicks. It is not, under most circumstances. The pretty lady who has caught your eye may get a very negative impression by her inability to get around you, so please be considerate and move your cart to one side of the aisle or the other.

Also, please make sure that you check the area immediately surrounding you as you step out to continue your shopping. Otherwise, you may find yourself T-boning the other shoppers. Further note: Being a thoughtful shopper is actually a more effective way to meet someone new; men who are considerate are more likely to make a good first impression that might, just might, lead to an exchange of phone numbers and/or email addresses. This is as opposed to exchanging insurance information because you mowed the lady down in your unbridled haste (or lack thereof). Your call.

What have you experienced as a shopper that makes you think of shopping carts as weapons? I would love to hear your tale of woe!


Dr. Sheri

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