What’s waiting around the corner?

Hello everyone:

What’s in your future, just waiting around the corner? Sometimes we think we have life all figured out. We’re going to do a, b, and c and d will happen. We’re going to marry the man or woman of our dreams and live happily ever after. Sometimes we do and sometimes it does. Other times, not so much.

Maybe you find out the Prince Charming has morning breath or stinky feet or a bad temper…or maybe he is a serial adulterer who makes fun of your unquestioning loyalty. Maybe, to your spouse, marriage means you use someone as a place holder while he continues to look for Ms. Right (because, sweetie, you ain’t it).

Perhaps your dearly beloved dropped dead of a heart attack or got hit by a bus. My, these certainly are morbid thoughts! While none of us want to dwell on them, we do need to be prepared for when the unexpected does occur.

So, if you are happily hitched or satisfactorily single, you can still make sure that your financial house is in order, that you have made plans for any responsibilities you have should anything happen to you, and that your loved ones know your wishes. I mean, what if your spouse thinks an appropriate song for your funeral is “Love is Always Better the Second Time Around” and you had your heart set on “You are my Special Angel?”

If your precious spouse has passed without warning or the man of your dreams turns out to be a nightmare, please be certain that you can carry on, regardless of your marital status. Do you know how to balance your checkbook, pay bills, do routine household maintenance, and get that blasted critter out of your garage without breaking your nails? Are you aware of when trash day occurs, when the water treatment system needs more salt, and how to determine if there’s a mouse in your house?

These are all things that I cover in Suddenly Single Tips and I hope you will scroll through some of my other blog postings. Also, let me know if there’s a specific topic you’d like me to cover.


Dr. Sheri

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