When Young Adults become the Parent

Hello everyone:

Today when I was visiting my dentist, I became aware of a whole new group of people: young adults who had the responsibility of caring for their elderly grandparents. This is not a group normally associated with the care of aging relatives, yet it is a “new normal” for many young adults.

Perhaps their parents are deceased or ill themselves, and the young adult who might have expected to be out enjoying his or her life might find instead that he or she is responsible for the care of a dementia patient or terminally ill individual or …or…orĀ  You name it.

Young friends, my hat is off to you. I hope that you will find information and help in the blogs I have posted previously and would appreciate your sharing with my readers any special needs that you have that we can talk about herein.

It is my goal to serve you as well as the folks who are middle-aged and helping out their elderly parents. Please feel free to comment on any special needs you as a young person have and I will research the situation and report back to you.

For now, just know that you are an incredible person and I have the upmost respect and admiration for you as you walk the delicate balance between being young and being in such a position of responsibility.


Dr. Sheri

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