Tips on how not to sell your house

Hello everyone:

While visiting in Florida, where I have cable, I binge watch home improvement shows while teaching online. Have you seen some of the ideas that home owners apparently thought would work well?

Some homeowners cemented their entire backyard. Perhaps they thought the new owners wouldn’t enjoy mowing. Maybe the owners could have gotten a “pass” on this if they had taken the time to paint it green (more grass-like but without the weeds?). The good news is that poly silk flowers were not “planted” to accent the concrete.

Another owner installed a black toilet in a white bathroom. Everything was white except for the toilet. Multiculturalism at its finest? What was he or she thinking?

Another couple had a hand-painted mermaid on their bathroom wall. The gal who painted it was not gifted artistically.  When their realtor suggested painting a neutral color over it, the man hugged his weeping wife, whose handiwork it was. Oh, my.

This must be a “bathroom post” because some other owners had developed a leak in their bathtub and shower stalls so they used roofing material to coat the floors in both bathrooms. This is not recommended, either.

What should you do? If you decide to sell your home, contact your local full time real estate agent and get his or her to walk your property. Get a list of what he or she thinks would be needed to sell your home for the highest price in the quickest time frame and do it, if finances permit. I have other blog postings on this topic, so you will want to visit those postings, as well, for more information along this line.


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