The Saga of the Chief Grief Lady

Hello everyone:

Many years ago, I was the “Chief Grief Lady” (thanks to Erma Brombeck for that title!) at a bank in Florida.

It was always so sad when I had to inform a recent widow that, no, just because she had checks in her checkbook, it did not mean that she had money in the bank.

Many women, whose husbands had always taken care of things financial, approached my desk with fear and trepidation because they could not understand why they kept getting overdrawn notices in the mail.

I tried to explain that you have to make deposits in order to have cash available, but these women had gone from the care of their fathers to being taken care of (and kept totally in the dark) by their husbands.  I eventually turned the widows over to the vice president of the bank, so that he could try to explain what was happening to the bereaved women. It was never a pretty picture. It was pathetic.

Folks, please make sure you understand the ins and outs of banking. Do not go from your father’s home to your husband’s house with absolutely no idea of how to make a deposit, balance a checkbook, or write a check. If your spouse pays bills on line, make sure that you know any and all passwords, so that, should the unthinkable happen, you will not be dunned for overdue accounts, or find your electricity has been shut off.

What ideas or stories can you share with my readers? I would love to hear from you.


Dr. Sheri

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