Being financially mindful

Hello everyone:

I met someone recently who is facing some real challenges since her hubby died without warning. She had no idea of how he handled the finances, she didn’t drive, she didn’t own any assets in her own name, and she had some in-laws that were more like outlaws. They told her they would “take care” of her, if she signed her hubby’s life insurance over to them and signed her house over to his children from his first marriage.

Apparently, she did sign over the life insurance and they are paying her a monthly amount that meets her mortgage payments and not much else. Oh, and they have offered her a one-way ticket to the country from which she immigrated (after she signs over the house).

Folks, in-laws can become out-laws really quickly when money is involved. Please make sure that, if your spouse has already passed, you get some strong financial advice from a financial consultant (as opposed to the in-laws that want to take your money from you and get rid of you).

Please be as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove because being the latter can get you into real hot water.


Dr. Sheri

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