It’s good to have a stash of cash

Hello everyone:

Yesterday I had the opportunity to chat with a recent widow who opened my eyes about things financial and widowhood, so I wanted to pass her comments along to you. Her hubby died six months ago and his finances still aren’t completely worked out. Translation: She hasn’t gotten any money from the estate yet.

The good news is that she owns her own home. More good news is that she had a small “stash of cash” to tide her over. Her husband was sick for two years and she managed to put some funds aside during that time. It’s a good thing she did, because she would be really strapped by now if she hadn’t.

So far, she has had to prove they were married by bringing in their original wedding license.Do you know where yours is?

She said every where she turns, they ask for an original death certificate ($20 each, in Maryland). She also told me that they will send the original death certificates back, if you ask, but that you still need numerous copies.

Because she did not have a financial consultant working for her, her finances have gone to probate court, including some land that he owned but she didn’t. Folks, if you do not have a plan, make one. If you didn’t have a plan and it’s too late for your spouse now, at least you have some company.

What is your sad story to tell?


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