What is your house worth?

Hello everyone:

What is your house worth? Trulia or Zillow or Realtor.com will give you an estimated value for your home.

However, my real estate buddy told me that they are giving estimated values that are not based on hard comps (that is, comparable properties in your area). They may be comparing houses in neighborhoods that are nearby (within a half a mile or so) but the neighborhoods could be very, very different as far as age, location, and overall value.

Some estimated values do not count basements while others state that there are things in the house that the property does not have (my house is listed on Zillow as having a fireplace because my neighbors have fireplaces. We do not have one).

An experienced listing realtor will give you an estimate that is more exact and will usually be within $20,000 on a half a million dollar home. I suggest that you stick with a professional when it comes to valuing your home.


Dr. Sheri

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