A new season of life

Hello everyone:

A friend once told me that she was married to a certain point, but that this is a new season of her life, just like it is for yours. You may not have chosen this experience,  if it had been left up to you, but here it is.

You have a choice: stay home, eat bonbons and watch soap operas, get old, and die alone or make it so you help someone less fortunate than yourself.

The hardest step will be the first one you take outside your own front door.  Maybe you can’t travel a lot but how about volunteering at the local veteran’s center? Your past interest in history could make you a natural tour guide; if you lived through that history, so much the better! How about teaching one other person how to read? How about working with one teen that is on the wrong road?

There are so many prospects for this stage of your life! Look at every day as an opportunity and you will be surprised at how good it feels to focus on others. This is a new season of life for you, and I wish you the best!

Take care,

Dr. Sheri

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