Guest blogger: Pearl Nsiah-Kumi visits us again

Hello everyone:

Here is another blog from Pearl Nsiah-Kumi. Today, she shares what it is like to move from divorcee to widow:

Widowhood, as we all know, is the loss of one’s husband or companion. The accompanying feeling of loss is usually quite intense. I know, because I just went through that experience; it was not pleasant, and the reality takes time to sink in. My widowhood is a bit different; it’s not a traditional widowhood because I had gone through a divorce a few years prior to my husband’s passing. It was a divorce of convenience, because I left home for safety reasons, and kept hoping and praying that situations would change. Unfortunately, that change never came. Needless to say, my loss had been going on for a few years, but his passing brought finality to the loss. How about you? How long have you been a widow?

We are widows. Now what? The reality is we’re back to being single. Wow! That’s going to significantly impact our lives from now on and into the future. Since I left home prior to his passing, I’m a bit more settled than I would have been if he had passed when I was still living with him. Nevertheless, the void is still there but the anticipation that things could change has evaporated. I will continue to cope with life as I’ve been doing for the past few years—God my Maker has been my husband. He has provided and protected me in ways I can’t explain. He’s used friends and family and even strangers in my life beyond my expectation. He fills me with joy unspeakable; I commune with Him as friend with friend.

God Himself promised to be a husband to the widow (see Isaiah 54:5). From experience, I know He’ll do that for all widows who will call on Him. His plans are not going to be the same for each one of us going forward, but I know He has a plan. Remaining single for the remainder of your life, re-marrying , or getting more involved with ministry, He will lead us. No matter how He leads, He’ll make sure you’re well taken care of and blessed. I’m sure it will take time to get used to the idea of being single. Allow me to encourage you to embrace God as your husband; He’s an amazing husband.


Thanks so much, Pearl!


Dr. Sheri


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