Deciding to Downsize

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When people get ready to sell their home of many years, they are emotionally attached to the property. As such, they over-value their home and see it as perfect (or, at least, eccentric or charming).

One look at all of those HGTV shows like Flip or Flop or Buying and Selling tells you that outdated looks, worn carpeting, and cabinets from the 90s are not on the top of most buyers’ wish lists.

If hiring a decorator is not in your budget, get some decorating magazines and see what the current trends are. Find out what buyers are looking for in your area by talking to some real estate agents or to the folks at the local home improvement center.

Do talk with a full time real estate agent to find out which improvements are bringing the highest return on the investment in your area. If you decide to talk with a professional contractor, talk to one who you pay for his or her advice, rather than the person who wants to make a lot of money from your job.

If you talk to a bricklayer, for example, he or she might tell you that a new fire pit in the backyard would be a great investment, but having a worn out kitchen replaced would actually bring more bang for your buck.

From what the reality home shows demonstrate, a new kitchen or bathroom (or both) is usually the best way to go with home renovations in order to sell faster and for top dollar.

Also take the time to get rid of half of your stuff and then get rid of half of what’s left. A crowded home that looks like it belongs to a hoarder is not the best way to go when trying to sell. Yes, you love all of your stuff, but others don’t.

I will have more on selling your home in future blogs. For now, take a hard look at your house and see what others see when they walk in.


Dr. Sheri

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