Little things can make a big difference

Hello everyone:

I got a church newsletter from my great aunt’s church of many years and I was struck by how a few people can make a huge difference in the lives of others.

The last time I visited her church, the normal attendance on a Sunday morning was 271 people over two services. Not a huge group, but faithful folks who regularly met together.

These folks have a ministry to their community all year round but they go out of their way to minister to others at Christmastime. They take homemade cookies to people who have to work on Christmas day, such as firemen and women, hospital workers, and police.

Their newsletter that arrived at my home  today has numerous thank you notes from folks who they have helped in the last month: for some, the church paid their gas or electric bill; to others,  food was brought in during a time of someone’s difficulty; for those unable to get out and about,  small Christmas trees (apparently full-decorated) were given to cheer the stay-at-home invalids.

What a wonderful way to go out of their way to help those unable to help themselves! What experiences have you had with being blessed by the actions of a few?


Dr. Sheri

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