Remembering others at Christmas

Hi everyone:

I was talking to a widow friend on Sunday and she told me that it was the fifth anniversary of her husband’s passing that very day. Everyone was running around, getting ready for Christmas and she was preparing for her fifth Christmas without her precious hubby.

This man was the light of her life. He was one of the kindest people to ever walk the face of the earth and, even though she has a very sweet man friend in her life now, she still misses her hubby. I knew him well and miss him also.

What can be done for people in this situation? Hug on them. Make them realize that you care and that you did care for their loved one. Just let them talk. Be a friend in need. Be there for them.

I am getting ready to go see my dad soon. I will arrive on the 69th anniversary of his marriage to my mother. That is on purpose, so that I can spend some time with him on a day that has been special to him for 69 years. Mom has been gone for three of those years, but she is not forgotten.

What do you do for those who are mourning, like perhaps you have done yourself?


Dr. Sheri

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