To add fabric softener or not-that is the question

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Most of the time, using a dryer sheet is the easiest way to utilize fabric softener. Some towels have an absorbency that is ruined by them, so make sure your towel is not one of them (read the label). [Note: Some exercise clothes cannot be placed in the dryer, so check that out as well. The wicking quality of the clothes is destroyed when they are exposed to heat, so you will need to hang them up to dry.]

Do not put an entire load of laundry in the dryer at the same time unless you don’t want to get your clothes dry anytime soon. Dry the things that have to be hung up first, so that you can take them out while the dryer is still going (before it stops and cools off, that is).

Take the shirts out a couple at a time and hang them up immediately. Remove pants next and hang them up. After these items are out of the dryer, put the rest of the load in and dry it; socks and underwear do not need to be hung up, so you can leave them alone until the dryer is done.

I actually set a portable timer when I have something in the washer and dryer, to remind me to transfer the laundry either into the dryer or onto hangers. I find that 45 minutes is usually enough for my dryer to get things dry; test your machine to see how long it takes to dry items and then set your timer accordingly. Using a timer will save you from having many wrinkles in your clothes.


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