Duct Tape is Delightful

Hello everyone:

Vesta Stoudt from Johnson & Johnson invented duct tape; she deserves our life-long praise. This marvelous tool can be used to secure screens on windows (perhaps not the best of uses but it kept bugs out of my condo when I was a single gal with no clue how to tighten the screw things that held my screens in place).

It is used to stick things together and it works very well. It is available in a variety of colors in your local craft and hobby store; however, I have found that it will not hold a heavy air vent air re-director in place over time. [While visiting my condo in Florida, I was freezing because the air conditioning was blowing right on my desk. I bought an air vent re-director thingy and tried to attach it to the vent. My purchase had magnets on it, but the vent was made of plastic, so they wouldn’t stick to one another. I bought some of my beloved duct tape (in white, so it would match the vent) and used some of the tape to attach the vent cover to the vent. It did not last long; I should have used screws.]

Duct tape can also be used to keep water from your shower from getting into that circular thingy that seems to serve no purpose in your shower. You know the thingy- it is under the faucet, taking up space for no apparent reason. You have to keep the thing clean and shiny or you look like a slob- you know what I am talking about, right? Well, if you have a water leakage problem, I have seen duct tape used to block water from getting underneath it and spoiling the ceiling in the room underneath your bathroom. This should not be a long-term fix, but it can help out in the short term.

What creative uses do you have for duct tape?


Dr. Sheri

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