Moving out and moving on

Hello everyone:

An acquaintance of mine was divorced when her hubby decided to marry his long-time girlfriend. She sold their marital house and planned on moving; she had spent a few years trying to maintain their former dream home on her own.

She had two children to support, the house was very expensive to keep, and her ex had petitioned the court to reduce her alimony and child support because he and his girlfriend had one child and another on the way.  By that time, my acquaintance had begun dating a fellow from a nearby state; they saw each other every three weeks…for the weekend, if you get my drift.

When it came time for her to move into a smaller home, her boyfriend told her he would call her “after you get settled.” Translation: “You’re moving, I only want you for the sex you provide, and I’m not helping you move.”

Where could she go from there? She couldn’t afford a mover, so she and her other single gal friends did it themselves. My hubby and I lent a hand with the heavier items, out of pity for her difficult situation. She had ordered a new bed, but for some reason, had it delivered to her old house. She couldn’t lift it and now she had to move it. My hubby and some of the other men in the neighborhood helped her move it, but what if they hadn’t been around? Lesson here: get your new bed delivered to your new home, not the old one.

When we all arrived at her new home, we discovered that her upstairs bathroom toilet was leaking and had flooded the floor and the ceiling of her dining room. It was not a pleasant start to her new life.

What moving tales of woe can you share?


Dr. Sheri

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