When do you need to buy more?

Hello everyone:

One thing that faces newly-single people is figuring out when to shop for supplies. This is especially true with widowers whose wives always made the grocery run. Here are some tips for making that trip a bit more productive.

When the bottle of catsup or the container of strawberries gets low, you probably know it. Would you rather run completely out of something, need it desperately, and then have to make an emergency run to the store to buy it? Nope, I didn’t think so.

When you see that the bottle that you have is less than half full, start looking for specials for that product. If something is on sale, don’t buy ten bottles if you live alone, but do stock up.

Note: Things rot and products have expiration dates. Be sure to check the dates on the side of the container. If you think you won’t use it up by then, only buy one, not fifteen. Even if it is a really good deal, if you aren’t going to use it before it expires, then it really is not wise to buy too many of whatever it is.

Today’s blog is end-of-the-semester short but I hope you found it helpful. What ideas do you have that you’d like to share on going to restock your pantry?


Dr. Sheri

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