Jim’s Story

Hello everyone:

Let me tell you a story about Jim. He’s an elderly man, breathing hard on his mid-eighties. He lived alone. He has no children, and his wife died many years ago.

Recently, he started falling. The last time was about a month ago. Even though his friends had been encouraging him to use a walker, his pride said “absolutely not.” This last fall resulted in a broken hip and he ended up in a nursing home.

The state stepped in, literally, and decided a few things for Jim. First, they sold his car and told him he could no longer drive. Next, they told him he needed to be in a nursing home/rehab center because of his broken hip. Finally, they informed him that they were selling his house …..and that there is nothing he can do about it. He is now permanently installed in a one-bedroom one-bath room at a local rehab center.

Folks, please make plans for what will happen if you ever find yourself in Jim’s shoes. He failed to plan and this is the true story of what happened to him. In the last month.


Dr. Sheri

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