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Hello everyone:

An acquaintance of mine shared with us on Facebook that her hubby of 19 years had moved to a state where marijuana was legal so he could smoke pot without fear of the law.

Several  months later, he called and told her that he and his girlfriend and some of his new buddies were coming back to their home to get all of his stuff, and oh, by the way, he wants a divorce asap. As a Christian, she was shocked that he had fallen so far.

Today was the day that he came, he saw, he took, he signed, and he left. The marriage is over, officially broken. The house is sold; the papers have been signed. His things are gone, off to his new life. Her life has taken turns she did not expect, but there it is.  Alone.

Alone, but not completely. She has some friends who are supporting her emotionally and prayerfully. Her question now seems to be “What do I do now?’

Friends, that is why I have written Suddenly Single. To answer that very question. Please share this website with your friends, many of whom may be going through a similar circumstance, or at least something with the same outcome. Divorce. Being alone.


Dr. Sheri

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