Things to do that you never thought about till now

Hello everyone:

When I was a girl, we had license tags that were changed annually. The screws were frequently corroded onto the plate, so my dad would take Coke and douse the screws. The next day, the Coke had eaten through the rust and he could get the license tag bolts to turn more easily. [I am grateful that I have an allergy to Coke because I cannot imagine what it does to one’s stomach if it will remove rust.]

The point of this story is: How many of us would have thought to use Coke to get rid of rust and corrosion? Without the internet to guide us, probably not too many of us would have come up with this idea. Like removing license tags from years gone by, there are a lot of things that need to be done to maintain your home.

In fact, there is a whole plethora of things to do for your house that you probably never thought about…until now.

The list is pretty extensive, but here are what a couple of my friends and family members say you need to take care of on a regular basis: maintain the water treatment system if your home has one, make sure the roof is in good repair, keep gutters clog-free, fix any plumbing leaks promptly before extensive damage occurs, clear any drains that might be clogged, unclog toilets as needed, replace light bulbs when they burn out, maintain or replace appliances, keep garage door openers functional, change filters on your HVAC system, have the HVAC system serviced regularly, prevent bug and insect infestations, control rodents, know when to take trash out for pickup (and when to bring the trashcans back to the house), and keep walls and ceilings freshly painted.

Wow- that sounds like quite a list. The good news is that your spouse actually did more to contribute to the household than you originally thought. The bad news is that, now that you are alone, you either have to do them or you have to pay someone else to do them for you.

The good news is that I tell you how to do all of these things in my book, Suddenly Single. The bad news is that it hasn’t been published yet.

The good news is that you can help make that publication a reality by liking, sharing, and commenting on this blog. The bad news is that I need a boat load of folks to do that.

The good news is that, if you send this blog to everyone you know, that can happen a lot faster than it would if you just say, “Oh, this is nice” and move on. Let’s make some good news, folks!


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