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Hello everyone:

Yes, this is a blog about water.  Why in the world should we waste time on that topic?

Well, it isn’t a waste if it helps an elderly person keep his or her sanity for one more day. You see, if an elderly person gets dehydrated, it can lead to mental confusion or dizziness (which could lead to a fall which could lead to broken bones which could result in being put in a nursing home).

The problem is that older folks don’t like to have to get out of their chairs to take a potty break. It can be embarrassing to get in the car to go somewhere and have to ask for a pit stop.  It can be troublesome to be at the grocery store and barely make it to the toilet. It can be bothersome to have to leave a meal in the middle of your dinner in order to go to the bathroom.

But, the opposite end of the spectrum (not drinking fluids to avoid the bathroom) can result in mental confusion, dizziness, and fainting. If you are responsible for paying your bills, mental confusion can lead to over- or under-payment. If you become dizzy, you can pass out cold and come to, only to discover that you have major injuries. If you live alone and faint, it can be hours or days before someone finds you.

Please make a point of being  cognizant of the need to drink water, even if it means multiple trips to the bathroom. It’s better to run through a lot of toilet paper than to to find your obituary in the newspaper.

What stories of dehydrated folks would you like to share, to help others avoid this pitfall?


Dr. Sheri

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