Clapping with a broken finger

Hello everyone:

Back a few years ago, I was a representative of a now-defunct home party plan decorating company. We were at a major yearly conference when I noticed that my manager spent hours during the conference on her feet, clapping to the up-tempo music that was being played while we waited for the morning, afternoon, and evening sessions to begin.

Towards the end of the four-day conference, she sunk down in her seat, exhausted. I asked her why she had been standing up so long, when she was clearly worn out. She told me, “Oh, all managers are required to get into the meeting room early and remain standing, clapping to the music until the meetings begin.” To make it even worse, she had broken one of her fingers right before the conference began and clapping really made her hands hurt. She was not only tired, but she was in terrible pain.

My manager looked stunning, as she always did, in her bright red suited skirt. A big smile never left her face but, inside, she was tired and in pain. Sometimes people are like that. They may have a cheery bright exterior but inside they are hurting. Maybe you know someone like that- he or she just went through a devastating experience, but, unless you look closely, you will miss the pain that they feel.

What can you do today to encourage someone? Perhaps a card or phone call would be just the thing to uplift them. You never know when someone might be clapping with a broken finger.


Dr. Sheri

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