Literary Constipation

Hello everyone:

Okay, so this seems to be a bit weird, but it is something that I am facing right now and I would love your support on this, via suggestions. No, I am not talking about writer’s block. This is a situation that is, however, very inconvenient. I would like, in the words of Doc Martin, for this inconvenience to stop.

I have written two books, one for folks who have faced becoming unexpectedly unmarried and one for folks who realize that the odds are that they will not die the same time as their spouse will. Both are with my agent, who is seeking a publisher for my works. [Please note that, although these topics seem very morbid, the books themselves are actually quite funny. You would not believe what some folks have gone through when their “bearly deloved” has, well, gone on to other things.] [Having just gotten back from England where I met most of the cast, I am on a Doc Martin trivia streak right now. The pastor who married the Doc and Louisa did not say “dearly beloved,” but “bearly deloved” during the wedding ceremony. I wonder how many people caught it!]

It would be absolutely outstanding if you could like, share, and comment on my website’s blog with your friends and family members. Everyone knows someone who has lost someone, and some folks know more than one person in this situation. If everyone likes, shares, and comments (but not necessarily on my present Literary Constipation blog), that will mean more traffic on my website and a greater chance of getting published. That would be superb and I would be extremely grateful!

What we need here is some fiber, to get things moving. I don’t know if they make literary watermelon, carrots, or cantaloupe, but I have found those fruits and veggies very helpful in breaking up log jams, literary or otherwise.

Thanks in advance!

Dr. Sheri

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