Clutter can hide beauty

Hello everyone:

One of my dearest friends has a craft room that she just cleaned out and de-cluttered. In the past, the room was so full of stuff  that it was hard to walk in the door. After several days of work, she now has a craft room that is gorgeous.

As it turns out, many of the beautiful things adorning the room have always been there, but the room was so cluttered that I went in there many times and never saw most of the pretty things. She had some very crafty items that were worthy of view, but I didn’t know that the room was a gorgeous peach color, that she had so many fabulous floral photos, and that she had created multiple biblical sayings on numerous plaques that adorned the walls. Now I do, and so does everyone else.

Life is like that. Sometimes it can become so filled with clutter that we miss out on what we have. Maybe we get so busy at work that we miss a sunset with our kids. Perhaps we are so involved with worthy causes that we miss having a cup of coffee with a friend in need. Perchance we are so focused on doing, doing, doing, that we miss the chance to do a jigsaw puzzle with an elderly relative.

It’s hard to slow down a bit. But sometimes we can get rid of the clutter of busyness so that we can enjoy what is truly there. What have you done to de-clutter your life or home recently?


Dr. Sheri

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