Encouraging the caregiver individual

Hello everyone:

Sometimes caregivers can get pretty discouraged by the sameness of their lives. They know that each day will bring……well, they really don’t know what the day will bring. They have difficulty planning for anything because everything is up for grabs.

Will Mom or Dad or Spouse need special care today? Will you be rushing to the ER for the fifth time this month? Will the person you are caring for require special care today? Will the person even know who you are this morning?

If you know someone who is a caregiver, it would be great to give that person something to look forward to. Maybe you could suggest a lunch or dinner out at a special restaurant, a walk in the park, or a shopping expedition to his or her favorite store. Maybe you can encourage that individual with a note or card or a meal.

I have a friend whose hubby died this past week. She has been caring for him for over 50 years. She now faces the need to re-invent who she is because she has always been his caregiver. I suggest writing this individual a kind card, to let her know that you noticed her sacrifices and to tell her how special she is to you. Now that her life has changed, maybe you could spend some time with her, after the funeral is over and done.

How do you encourage the caregivers in your sphere of influence? I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.


Dr. Sheri

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