Making decisions on your own

Hello everyone:

As a newly-single person, how do you make decisions on your own? Maybe you had a warm and caring relationship with your spouse and you always discussed things and made joint decisions. Maybe you had a second-guessing spouse who always made you feel like your decisions were poor and your judgment was faulty (hey, you choose him or her, so why is that person second-guessing your decision-making ability? It doesn’t reflect well on your former spouse, now does it?).

Whatever the case, you are faced with a situation and must make a decision. Where do you turn? That depends on what type of judgment call you need to make.

If it is financial (and big!), turn to your financial consultant (if you have read my book’s first chapter, you know who I am talking about).

If it is spiritual, pray and read the Bible. If is is BIG and spiritual, ask someone in your church whose opinion you respect  about this issue (after you pray and read the Bible).

If it is about child-rearing, pray, read the Bible, pray some more, and ask Focus on the Family.

If is is about what to have for dinner, just decide! (This is not rocket science!)

If it is about which movie to see, check the reviews given by World Magazine, and then flip a coin if you still don’t know which show to watch.

If it is about what color to paint your living room, ask someone whose decorating you admire.

If it is about what clothes to wear, check out my chapter on using a Personal Shopper (oh, wait a minute- that’s in my as-yet unpublished first book! Actually, it’s in my second book as well because a good idea is a good idea!).

Whatever your decision-making needs, it is important to make a decision and then stand by it. Adjust it as need be, but believe in your ability to see things through!

What decisions have you needed to make since you lost your spouse? How did you first manage this daunting task?


Dr. Sheri


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